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Meal Prepping with Suddenly Grain Salad

This post is sponsored by General Mills on behalf of Linqia but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

As many of you probably know by now, I’m a big fan of meal prepping. I set aside 3 hours out of my Sunday each week and devote them to meal prepping. I’ve been doing it for about two years, and I don’t remember how I got by without it!

I meal prep for a few reasons. The first one being that when you have good food around you, you will eat good food…simple as that! If I pack up my lunch box with a solid meal, and a few healthy snacks… I’m not going to have any need to run out and buy lunch, or snack on something that isn’t healthy. Which leads me to my second reason.. it’s cheap! When you eat out everyday, it adds up. The average salad/healthy sandwich costs between $10-$15, sometimes more. If you have a 5 day work week, that means you’re wasting at least $50 just on lunch… which is crazy! I buy my meats and produce in bulk at Costco, which helps me save even more money.

The main reason that I meal prep is because it saves me time. I can spend a few hours on a Sunday, and cook all of my lunches, and prepare all of my dinners so that I have to do minimal cooking when I get home from work. One of the main excuses I hear people saying they don’t eat healthy is because they “just don’t have enough time”…. but I don’t buy that line. Everyone has an hour or two to devote to making themselves something healthy to eat.

Yes, eating healthy can take up some time. Obviously cooking chicken, fresh veggies and some sort of grain is going to take much longer than zooming through the drive through, but believe it or not.. you can meal prep quicker than you think!

I’m always looking to cut back on any time I spend in the kitchen on Sunday (especially now that it is football season!) Yesterday morning when I was shopping I noticed a new product.. Suddenly Grain Salad. There are a few different flavors of the salads – Harvest Grains, Southwest Grains, or Tuscan Grains. I love Mediterranean flavors, so I was immediately drawn to the Tuscan Grains, which is primarily made up of Brown Rice, Quinoa,  and Wheat Berries with Almonds and a Tomato & Herb Dressing. The pacakage said it only took 17 minutes to make.. so I tossed it in my cart and figured it was worth a try!

Suddenly Salad Meal Prep 1

After shopping in the morning, I came home and was ready to get cookin’. I cooked my Suddenly Salad Grains  while I was preparing the huge package of chicken I had gotten at Costco. Less than 20 minutes later and it was ready!

Meal Prepping with Suddenly Salad 2


I only use about 1/4 of the dressing on my grains. (Only because it was super flavorful!) I also added in extra slivered almonds for extra protein, but you don’t need to do either of these things! Once I had grilled my chicken, I got out my containers and food scale and measured everything out.

Meal Prepping with Suddenly Salad 4

I portioned out 5oz of chicken, and 1/4 c of Suddenly Grain Salad. That means each one of these little containers has a total of 36.5g of protein, 28g of carbs, and only 3g of fat! Perfect to keep me fueled for the rest of the day.

Meal Prepping with Suddenly Salad 5


Overall I was done with my meal prep in just about 2 hours. (I also made turkey meatballs, and chopped up a bunch of fresh veggies for snacks). That’s it.. two hours and now I don’t have to worry about my lunches, and most of my dinners for the rest of the week! Wooo-hooo! If you’d like to try Suddenly Grain Salad, check out the store locator and use this $0.75 off coupon!

Do you meal prep? If you do, what is your favorite dish to make? I’m always looking for new recipes 🙂



      It definitely is a HUGE time saver!! You should get back into it 🙂

  1. Meal prep is not even an option its a must in our house. Between Dave’s allergies and my picky food preferences (aka vegetables and less processed food), it effeminately saves me money by meal planning each week. These salads sound fun!
    Sam @ PancakeWarriors recently posted…Hearty Brown Rice Lentil SoupMy Profile


      Agreed!! Same here, Sam!! It is SO much easier.. especially if you have allergies, and you’re picky (I am too!)


      Thanks, Emily! It is very simple! Great blog post – thanks for sharing 🙂


      LOL! Me too!!

  2. This looks yummy and easy to make! Perfect for those long days when you don’t feel like doing a lot of cooking!
    Ginger recently posted…Sweet Potato Breakfast HashMy Profile


      Super yummy, and SO easy to make! Hardly any work to do it 🙂

  3. I meal plan but I do not meal prep, I wouldn’t know where to start, 1. our freezer might be to small for that, 2. Idk if the food goes bad in the fridge if I wait too long? and 3. especially since I cook for three.

    But the suddenly grain salad looks like something i could try!
    Diana recently posted…Back with the Menu.My Profile


      You could definitely do it, Diana! It isn’t very difficult! I don’t meal prep even single one of my meals, but I do all of my lunches and a few dinners. Everything stays fine in the fridge for about a week 🙂


      Really?! I wonder if they’re just making a comeback now 🙂


      I do the same thing, Courtney!! The slow cooker is the BEST invention ever!


      It was SO easy to make!! Perfect for speeding up meal prep 🙂


      Yes! Definitely do 🙂 You will love it. I will look into your meal prep link party.. thanks for sharing!

  4. We meal prep almost every week and I can’t imagine life without it. My husband eats a ton and I could never keep up with all the meals we pack without having most of the food made on Sunday. Lately we’ve been into chicken tacos and taco salad.
    Becki S recently posted…Way Good Tea Product ReviewMy Profile


      Me too, Becki! I love tacos!! I’m having them tomorrow night 🙂


      They’re delicious! You should definitely check them out, Danielle!

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