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The Clean Eating Couple Takes on Italy – Part 2

Last week we shared the first half of our Italy Recap. If you missed all the beautiful sights (and eats!) from Venice, Verona, Lucca, Florence, San Gimignano – you can read up on them here. I have to tell you though… we’ve saved the best for last.

Our second week of Italy was spent in Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi, Capri and Rome. Our absolute favorite days were the ones we spent in Amalfi and Capri. The views were outstanding, and the food was beyond amazing.

On the day we went the day we went to Pompeii it poured. It was so cool to see the city of Pompeii, but we definitely missed out on a lot. It was thundering and lightening so we had to cut our tour a bit short out of safety reasons (and the fact that we were completely soaked). We had an early night because we knew we had to get ready for an awesome day in Amalfi.


The next day we went got out a special van to take us through the Amalfi Coast. The roads are so small and curvy that only special drivers can take you on them. Our first stop was in Positano. It was raining in the morning, so it was a little dreary but we still were able to shop and stop at the beach. Seeing all the beautiful houses on the mountains was so cool!

After visiting Positano, we made our way to Amalfi. My family is from Amalfi, so I was so excited to visit the town that my Nonnie was from, and meet some of my cousins. We had free time to roam the city, enjoy a fabulous lunch, and see the famous St. Andrews church. The church was one of the most beautiful ones that we saw in Italy. Positano & Amalfi were our favorite stops on the tour. It was so beautiful!





The next day we set off early in the morning from Sorrento to head to Capri. Capri was just as beautiful as Positano and Amalfi. When we arrived we visited the Gardens of Augustus and took a bus up to the very top of the island to Anacapri. We had an absolutely stunning view of the Amalfi coast, and the water was absolutely beautiful. After exploring for the day, we took the a boat tour around the entirely island. Unfortunately we couldn’t go into the grotto’s because the tides were too high, but it was still fun to cruise around the Island. When we went


IMG_0786 The Clean Eating Couple



We had one free day while we were in Sorrento, and we used it to wander all over the town. There are so many small shops in Sorrento with food, souvenirs, clothes… you name it! I loved buying fresh fruit as we were walking from all the fruit/veggie stands.



For lunch we went to a very small trattoria at a marina that our tour guide had recommended. It was only a 20 minute walk from our hotel, but we wound up getting lost and walking for almost an hour, so by the time we arrived we were starving! The restaurant was super tiny and right on the water, but the food was the best thing we ate in Italy. We had caprese salad for an appetizer, gnocchi and linguine with mussels. The gnocchi were UNREAL! After lunch we walked along the water in the little marina and collected sea glass. We walked back a different way that we had walked there and found some great shops that we hadn’t seen before.


IMG_0973 IMG_0976   IMG_0996

Our last few days were spent in Rome.  On the way to Rome we made a quick stop in Santa Maria for coffee and warm sfogliatella. They owners of the cafe made the pastries fresh for us so they were loaded with delicious orange filling, and were warm and crispy when they served them to us. For lunch we had the best Caprese salad made with real buffalo mozzarella. If I could eat this everyday I totally would!


Our first day in Rome was Spent at the Vatican. We had a great tour guide who took us through and explained pretty much anything we could’ve wanted to know. We were there for around 4 hours, and saw all the main sights like Raphael’s room, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. I loved visiting the Vatican, but it was a very long day and extremely crowded.


Our second day in Rom consisted of a walking tour that took us through the city, with stops at the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Colosseum, and Piazza Novena. There were a lot of street vendors in Rome, and we got roasted chestnuts in the middle of the day. They were the perfect snack!

IMG_1225    IMG_1131


The next day we packed our things, boarded the plane in Rome, and headed back to the United States. I’m STILL wishing we were there.


We’re making a list of places to visit next. Any suggestions?? 🙂





  1. Italy is beautiful. I am very envious of your trip. My home country (Bosnia) is a neighboring country, when I was younger my family used to travel there to shop for clothes and food sadly through the child’s eyes I do not remember it’s beauty. My dream is to travel back there, especially Sorrento. I recently watched a VLOG from a popular youtuber (Mimi Ikon) and her vlog literally made Italy the top of my list. It is so beautiful. I am happy you guys got to experience it.

    Maya recently posted…Creamy Tortellini SoupMy Profile


      What a bummer that you don’t remember it, Maya! You’ll definitely have to go back and visit sometime. Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast were absolutely beautiful. It was our favorite spot on the trip 🙂

  2. Ah Italy looks AMAZING! it’s on my bucket list of places to visit at some point in my life 🙂 and those roasted chestnuts look delicious! I’ve never had a chestnut before, but this makes me really crave one! My boyfriend and I went to Punta Cana last May which was really beautiful! I’ve heard great things about Belize too, which is another place I definitely want to travel to at some point!
    Alyssa recently posted…Why I don’t think fitness is one size fits all…My Profile


      Thanks, Alysaa!! It WAS amazing! I wish I was there right now. Chestnuts are super yummy! We have them every year on Thanksgiving and Christmas time. You should give them a try! I’d love to go to Punta Cana or Belize!!

  3. Beautiful photos – it looks like you had an incredible trip! I visited Rome and the Vatican in December 2010 and took a similar tour of the Vatican – so much beautiful art and architecture! One of my favorite places I visited was Vienna – definitely worth traveling to, and it’s so close to Prague that it’s easy to see two gorgeous cities in one trip.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…What to Wear for Hiking in Cold WeatherMy Profile


      Thanks, Laura! We had an amazing time. Rome + the Vatican were great! I love history, and took a lot of Western Civ courses in highschool/college so I felt like I was able to relate everything back! I would love to see Vienna + Prague.. we’ll have to add that to our list 🙂


      Ahhh tough question. I’d love to go back and spend more time in Amalfi and Capri. Just wander around.. and actually go swimming in the water. I think we will likely return and hit those spots and the lower region of Italy.. Siciliy, Calabria.. etc.:)


      Ahhh I’m sorry. I’d LOVE to go to all of those places.. especially Australia!! 🙂

  4. Italy is one of my dream vacation locations. It looks like you guys had a great time and enjoyed some amazing food!


      We had the best time, Amanda! You should definitely try to get there if you can 🙂

  5. I would love to go to Italy! I don’t know for which reason more to eat or see the sights. Gorgeous sights, tasty looking meals and sea glass!!!!! The ocean is fairly close (drivable distance) and always look for some. I heard that the west coast has more there than the east coast.


      All of it!! The food is amazing, but the sights are just as great! There is so much history and beautiful scenery.


      You’ll just have to go back and see the Amalfi Coast!! 🙂

  6. Fab! You guys look like, and from what you’ve written, sound like, you had a truly amazing time in Italy. I must admit Liz, you’ve fuelled up my desire to get back there as soon as possible. It was over 20 years ago I backpacked to Florence and Rome.

    Lynne would absolutely love Italy. I don’t think I’d get away with suggesting we “back pack” it though. I think she’ll be looking for a bit more luxury than the tent I slept in last time. Ha ha! 😀 recently posted…Simple Spiced Carrot SoupMy Profile


      It was such a fabulous trip, Neil. You should definitely get there if you can. I definitely wouldn’t want to ‘backpack’ it, tents aren’t really my style either- Hah! 🙂

  7. Oh my GODDDD I am dyin’ over here. I went to Italy last Summer and I still think about that trip all the time. It is such a good idea to get a tour of The Vatican. You skip the 10-mile-long line and you learn so much about the history. I was so bummed when we went – the Trevi was full of scaffolding because they were doing maintenance! WAA! These photos are absolutely gorgeous I’m glad you had such an amazing time!!!
    Christina recently posted…4-Ingredient Cranberry Chocolate Energy BallsMy Profile


      Ahh I’m still experiencing post-vacation withdrawals. But that’s so funny about the Trevi fountain because they were doing maintenance on it when we were there too!! It was still amazing to see. Just means we will both have to go back there to see it in its full capacity 😉


      Aw, thanks 🙂 The water was unbelievably blue. It seriously looked fake. We had super busy days too- but it was totally worth it!


      Thanks, Alissia!! We were obviously there to see all the sights, and experience the country buuuuut we were also primarily there for the food 🙂

  8. Absolutely stunning views!! I can’t get over how fresh and delicious that caprese salad is! Looks like such a fun trip!


      Thanks, Lindsay! That caprese salad was theeeee best thing I have ever eaten.. hands down!

  9. I’m so amazed at how fresh everything is, as far as the food goes!! I need to jet over to Italy now…and Spain, Greece, France, Ireland, Morocco, Switzerland, Germany….etc. etc.!!
    Jess @hellotofit recently posted…4 Ways to Have a Balanced ThanksgivingMy Profile


      I was too, Jess! It is so different from America.. You for sure need to get to Italy ASAP 🙂


      Thanks Dixya! Hope we didn’t make you too hungry 🙂


      It was amazing, Susannah!

  10. Your photographs are stunning! What a great trip! The food looks so fresh!


      Thank you so much! I bought a Canon Rebel right before the trip, so I definitely put it to the test during this trip 🙂

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