20+ Healthy Dips Recipes

Look no further for the best Healthy Dip Recipes! Featuring healthy dips for veggies or chips - these healthy appetizer dips are great for snacking!

If you’re someone who loves dips for carrots, chips or veggies - we’ve got you covered. Say no to boring low calorie dip recipes with these amazing healthy dip options! From Buffalo Chicken Dip to Spinach Artichoke Dip + more - there are so many delicious dips you can enjoy!

What are the healthiest dips?

The healthiest dips are guacamole, salsa and hummus. Guacamole is loaded with healthy fats and pretty filling – making it a great dip option.

Salsa is very low calorie and vegetable based, making it another great option for dipping.Hummus is plant based and higher in protein than salsa or guacamole.

Best healthy dip ingredients

When we are making a healthy dip recipe we usually uses 3 ingredients: