Crockpot Dinner Ideas

The best easy, healthy Crockpot Dinner Ideas! 40+ crockpot dinner recipes that are delicious and simple to make from soups to stews + more!

If you’re looking for Crockpot Dinner Ideas - you’ll find a lot to choose from here! From chili to soups, shredded chicken and more - there are tons of one pot dinner meals on this page. All are easy to make and delicious!

We love cooking dinner in our crockpot for so many reasons, here are a few:

Why Crockpot Dinners are the best:

Easy to prepare ahead of time: We love to prep our crockpot meals the night before and leave in the refrigerator until we’re ready to cook. You can also prepare freezer meals that you can just dump into your crockpot and cook!

Set it and forget it: You can turn your crockpot on in the morning and let it cook low and slow all day so that dinner is ready when you get home.

Delicious flavor – Cooking your meals low and slow really allows the flavors to meld together – creating a delicious dinner!

What is the best crockpot? 

This is our favorite crockpot. We love it because you can adjust the time in 30 minute increments, and set it to low, high or keep warm.

It also has a great top that locks shut if you plan to transport whatever you’re cooking. Here’s a link to our favorite crockpot.