The best easy crockpot soup recipes. Let your slow cooker make a delicious soup for you for dinner tonight with one of these healthy crockpot soup recipes!

These are without question the best crockpot soup recipes. With over 30 healthy crockpot soups to choose from, there is something for everyone! From butternut squash soup to crockpot chicken noodle soup, we have tons of delicious crock pot soup recipes.

Ingredients for Crockpot Soups:

We always keep a few things on hand to make delicious crockpot soups in minutes. A couple refrigerator and pantry staples are all you need for making soup! Here’s what we always have in our kitchen:

Tools for Crockpot Soups:

There are a few things we use all the time when making crockpot soups. 

Storing Crockpot Soups:

Crockpot Soup recipes are great because they make a lot – which means you can feed a crowd or save some for later. 

Storing Soups:

Refrigerator: Most crockpot soups will last 4 days in the refrigerator.

Freezing: We freeze crockpot soups all the time. We don’t recommend freezing soups with pasta in them because the pasta can get very mushy. We also don’t like to freeze soup with dairy in them only because the dairy/milk can separate when reheated.

Containers: If you’re going to be freezing your soups we highly commend getting Souper Cubes. They’re so perfect for storing/freezing soups!

Reheating Soup:

Microwave: We usually reheat soups in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, stirring half way through.

Stovetop: You can also reheat soup on the stove. Heat in a pot over low heat for 2-3 minutes until warm.