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There Are No Shortcuts

Something has been on my mind a lot lately. Is it me, or are we turning into the laziest society ever? I’m convinced it’s truly becoming an epidemic. Some examples I’ve seen over the past week.

-People willing to wait in a 10 minute drive through line to get their coffee, when they could park their car, get out, and walk into the store and be back in the car in under 2 minutes (This is a FACT. I do it every day at Dunkin’ Donuts and I urge you to try it.)

-A man nearly running over someone, and hitting my car in the mall parking lot in order to get a spot 4 spaces closer to the door entrance. Would it have killed you to take 10 more steps, dude?

-Families buying premade/quick cook/boil in a bag/microwave meals in the grocery store. Eat some fruit and veggies.

-What might be the 1000th Facebook post from that random girl I went to college with saying to message her for details on her new program that helped her lose ‘soooo much weight’. *Clicks Remove Friend*

-This email:


Hope your day is going well…

Love your page! (Brand who shall not be named) is currently looking for Instagrammers to help us launch our new product, (Brand who shall not be named) wraps! We would love for you to be a part of our Instagram campaign and feel like this is a product that your followers would really enjoy.

(Brand who shall not be named) wraps help you to tone, tighten and firm your skin, minimize the appearance of cellulite, and improve skin texture and tightness. They can be used on any area of your body and are really easy to use.

If you’re interested in helping us launch this new product, let me know! I look forward to working together.



I get emails like this pretty frequently. As many other bloggers do, I share sponsored posts on my blog and social channels often – that’s no secret. As I’ve said before – I only write or share products that I truly use, and my sponsored posts will always contain a disclaimer saying that it is sponsored. I have nothing to hide.

Sometimes the emails are really great, and an awesome fit for my lifestyle. Other times.. they’re not. I’ll say that it was a bit tough to read this email, because I had to physically restrict myself from rolling my eyes at every other word.

You see.. I will NEVER endorse a brand like this. The mere thought of it makes me cringe.

It blows my mind that these brands even exist, and it makes me so sad that people fall into their traps.. partially, because I used to be one of those people.

If you had met me 4 years ago – when I just started working out, I probably would’ve seriously considered purchasing a ‘detox’ tea, or doing a juice ‘cleanse’. In fact I did once do a raw food/juice cleanse and it lasted a whopping 7 hours before I said screw this and ate a cheeseburger. (True story.) I am no longer that girl.  I have educated myself on the proper way to fuel and physically train my body.

Unfortunately- many people don’t educate themselves, and buy into these ridiculous things.

So let me just stand on my soap box and scream the following: There is no superfood shake. There is no ‘wrap’. There is no magic 10 minute workout. There is no cleanse or detox. There is no low cal/no cal/ low carb/no carb snack. No. None of that.

There is no shortcut. No quick fix. No fast track. Whether it be progressing in the gym, moving forward in your career, building a better relationship, learning a new skill- there is no way to bypass the hard part.

And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Maybe you disagree with me, but I feel that when you finally get there and reach your goal, it’s 100x more rewarding. Because you spent hours and fought to get there.

If you’re in the process.. keep working. Keep putting in the hours, time, sweat or whatever else it is. And read my response below for a laugh while you’re doing so.

Hi Natalie,

Thanks so much for reaching out. While we appreciate your email.. I find it a little strange that you ‘love my page’ and would ask us to do a sponsored post for you. If you’ve actually even looked at our page you would clearly see that we are highly against any company that attempts to persuade consumers that the secret to weight loss is drinking a tea, or wrapping their body. (We’ve talked about this many times, you could read more about my philosophy on that in this post.)
Do you know what helps to ‘tone, tighten, and firm’ your skin? Lifting big, heavy weights. I know…it sounds pretty crazy.. actually putting in an effort to achieve the goal physique you have set in mind. (Who would have thought?!)
You know what’s even crazier? That people buy into your scam that wrapping over-priced saran wrap around their bodies will somehow change their appearance or benefit their health and well being in the long term.
I’ll let you in on a big secret you may not be aware of: There is no tea, wrap, shake, pill or drink that will magically change your body, mindset, or weight.
I’m a firm believer that when you want something, you WORK for it.
Companies like (Brand who shall not be named) are a disgrace and should be ashamed for the false marketing tactics they use to dupe consumers.
As long as I’m blogging, and my followers are listening- I will NEVER endorse a company like yours.
Liz Falcigno


  1. OMGGGGGG….I totally feel you!! Especially all the people on facebook trying to sell! and the WORST is that they all know that I have been a personal trainer and fitness coach for 9 years so they ALWAYS ask me to be a part of whatever it is they’re selling, because they know I have the ability too…I’m seriously like dude, I have trained my BUTT OFF and paid thousandsssssssss of dollars to get the education and certifications I have and the knowledge base…don’t come at me with your quick fix “shakes”….SCAM!! omg…sorry rant is over! lol
    Deanna @ The Live Fit Girls recently posted…Kettle Booty Workout!My Profile


      They seriously are like vultures. And it drives me nuts that they claim they are ‘health coaches’. Like what does that even mean?!!! You’re not a coach! You just paid a few hundred dollars to buy into a big scheme!! You have no credibility. Ugh I could go on and on about his topic forever. I’m not a certified trainer at all, but I know this would drive me even more crazy if I was!


      LOL! Thank you 🙂 I know so many can relate to this…

  2. OH MY GOSHHHHHHHH The wraps kill me! I get emails like that all of the time too! It’s like no…just eat healthy and work hard, live a balanced lifestyle and everything will fall into place! Aghhh, those “magic” diet trends kill me!
    Natalie @ A Fit Philosophy recently posted…Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy BallsMy Profile


      Me too… It drive me insane!

  3. I agree with all you said! If I want to wrap myself in saran wrap I will buy the big one at Costco and wrap us all up. Seriously!! Eat healthy and you will lose weight, without silly non working gimmicks!
    sara recently posted…Perfect vegan chili to warm you upMy Profile


      LOL! Exactly 🙂

  4. I love the response you gave them! I have seen these wraps a lot. I guess they are one of the new latest fads. On the other side of the coin – I can’t wait until I get companies wanting me to do a sponsored post!
    Willow recently posted…Sweet Potato and Black Bean PinwheelsMy Profile


      sponsored posts are great, but emails like these are the worst!

  5. Elizabeth, this is a great post. We gain weight over a period of time, but we want to lose it in a week. Everyone is looking for the magic pill that does not exist!


      So true, Roy!

  6. I recently got not one, but two emails from an e-cig company asking me to promote their product. I was in total shock. My response was similar to yours. I said “Have you actually read my blog? You know I target moms with young kids, right? Are you proposing I pitch this product as something moms around young kids should use?” No response back from them, obviously 😉


      I got an offer for an e-cig company once too!! I was like.. uh do you realize I’m a health and wellness blogger??? I seriously think they don’t even do research before hitting the send button!

  7. Hilarious post. Thanks so much for the laugh.

  8. omg yesss, i totally agree with you! I live near a Chick fila and you cannot imagine the how long the drive through line is EVERY TIME I drive by yet when I look inside there’s literally no one in there! I’ve been seeing the wrap scammers a lot more on FB now too- it’s not right! This also reminds me of scammer comments on IG too where they only comment on pictures like ‘love your page!xoxo’ when they just want their name to be seen!!
    Alyssa recently posted…Simple Pumpkin Cream CannolisMy Profile


      Ugh those are the worst accounts, Alyssa!!

  9. Your response is awesome!!! I’m so sick of getting the Reps as Instagram followers. It drives me nuts. I totally agree about no shortcuts. I’ve been working hard since May to get healthy, and I’m just going to keep working.
    Shann recently posted…Saving Money Online for the HolidaysMy Profile

  10. This cracked me up! I love your response. Great job on doing things the right and long lasting way.
    Ashley recently posted…Family and Friends BoardMy Profile


      Thanks Ashley! I stand by what I believe in 🙂

  11. Oh, PREACH, girl! I think people are ALWAYS trying to search for the quick-fix, easy way out. Human nature, maybe? I don’t know. But you are totally right: there is no short cut! Hard work, persistence, and constant motivation can be ways to help us get there.
    Jess @hellotofit recently posted…Apple berry banana baked oatmealMy Profile


      Yep! Totally agree with ya!


      AGREED!!! So so so frustrating.

  12. PREACH IT GIRL. The sad reality is these emails happen all the time and I am right there with you rolling my eyes at them. I absolutely love your response and it is so true that there are no short cuts- you have to want it and work for it!
    Brie @ Lean, Clean, & Brie recently posted…{Friday Favorites} 11/20My Profile


      Thanks, Brie! I’m all about puttin’ in the work!

  13. Hi Liz! Ha! Thanks for sharing. I am always so surprised at the emails I receive from companies promoting products that are not a fit for me. I love that you responded in that way. And no … there are DEFINITELY no shortcuts. (Except on your keyboard, and those are essential hahah)
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted…Friday Favorites: Fun stuff and discount codesMy Profile


      Hi Ashley! It always boggles my mind.. They clearly don’t do any research. Annnd I totally agree about the keyboard shortcuts… they’re a lifesaver!

  14. Hi Liz, this is my first visit to your site and I am excited to look around more!

    I couldn’t agree more – I was just having a conversation about this at work with someone. The printer next to my desk was down all week and people were doing some serious complaining that they had to walk a few more steps this way or that way to print. I boggled my mind that a few extra steps was causing such a commotion for people. Seriously, if it’s that huge of an issue, the few extra steps (and time away from your desk) might do you good!

    Anyway – loved this post and loved your response! Happy Friday and Keep Preaching!! 🙂
    Brooke recently posted…Currently | NovemberMy Profile


      Thanks for stopping by, Brooke! that’s so funny about the printer story.. sometimes I hear people where I work complaining about walking downstairs to get water! Craziness! Glad you liked my response 🙂 Happy Friday!!

  15. This is a post I can get behind! I speak REGULARLY on my blog about using real butter, real cheese and eating real food! All these diet companies make me sick. “Eat more of our product and weigh less! It’s full of chemicals and non-food items that will eventually give you cancer and/or other diseases!” NO. Just eat less food. See a therapist if you have a food addiction. Work out regularly. That’s the secret, friends. Turns out, it’s not such a secret…

    And yes to the first part of your post. I had never actually driven through a drive thru until I had kids… And now, yes – I go through Starbucks drive thrus because it’s far easier than getting babies out of car seats and chasing them into the store only to have to carry out a coffee I don’t have hands for anyway because of said babies. But pre-kids, or when I’m flying solo? I park it and go in!
    Paige @ An Uncomplicated Life Blog recently posted…When Bloggers Give Bad AdviceMy Profile


      YES, YES, and more YES! I had those fake diet brands. Or people who are like ‘ Look at my low calorie, low sugar, no carb, dessert!!!’ Oh you mean your plate full of chemical crap? No thanks! I totally feel the kids thing ( I’m only 22 so no little ones for me yet!) so I agree that when you’re on your own – get up and walk!

  16. It seems like everyone wants a quick fix! Driving to go get fast food / even places like oanera ca take more time than just whipping something up at home ! Those wraps are ridiculous just like the crazy cleanses or that weird “military diet” ugh -thanks for putting this view point out there!


      I know!! People are nuts!

  17. I definitely think laziness has become pretty much an epidemic. :[ I am so, so sick of the wrap ones, and your response is basically what I think whenever I see any of that. I get it the most on instagram, and I have also unfortunately grown extremely wary of facebook friend requests from people in the communities I’m in because I’m worried they’re just going to try to sell me something. ._.
    Farrah recently posted…Foodie Friday: Apricot Plum Energy BitesMy Profile


      Ugh. Same here. I rarely accept people that I’m not actually friends with.. or if I notice that they have a B.S. made up title for one of those companies listed as a job on their FB page!

      • Same! Before the blog, I never accepted friend requests from anyone I didn’t know After joining some of the communities, I did approve a few…but some of them tried selling me stuff, so now I just accept the ones I’ve actually interacted with on my blog. 😮
        Farrah recently posted…Recipe ReDux: Pumpkin Coconut BreadMy Profile

  18. I agree!!! It is so easy some days to take shortcuts but then they hurt you in the long run. I’ve started preparing freezer meals for our family but MAKING them first then freezing them instead of everything being the store bought freezer meals.
    Kristin recently posted…Early Morning Friday FavoritesMy Profile


      So true, Kristin. Freezer meals are fabulous when they’re made with the good stuff! It’s such a time saver 🙂

  19. Amen, amen, amen to ALL of this! I feel bad for the people who fall under the inciting power to this stuff, but the people who create it just make me MAD! I love our blogging community who all have the greater purpose for HELPING people, unlike these bogus companies. Also, I park as far away from the store as possible and use elevators because because I’m impatient, which I think is the opposite of lazy! Haha I’d rather walk a half mile before waiting for a close parking spot for 10 minutes!
    Margaret @ Youngandrungry recently posted…Crock Pot Taco SoupMy Profile


      OMG that is too funny because I am the SAME way! I usually just park super far away so I don’t have to deal with the crazy people!! LOL!

  20. So true! Anything worth having is worth fighting tooth and nail for, whether it’s health, relationships, or work. It’s rewarding to look back and see how far you have come!
    Sarah Jane @ The Fit Cookie recently posted…25-minute AMRAP WorkoutMy Profile


      Yes it is, Sarah!!

  21. YESSSS! Took the words right out of my mouth! I mean literally everything! Except I do alter the way I feel about parking spaces in the winter!! Every second counts at getting inside where it’s warm! But in the summer… No cheating that short walk to the door. And let not even get me into the whole wrap thing! People don’t realize that once you get into a routine of working out (even if it’s not hardcore) you crave it more and more… I usually crave my workout an hour after I finish, It’s like… I felt like I was dying and then all of a sudden I felt like superwoman! Great Post!


      Oh I totally feel you on the winter parking. Especially when there is snow on the ground, or icy streets. Then I’m practically pulling up to the door to avoid the cold – LOL!


      Oh yea, I totally feel you on the winter parking thing.. especially if it is snowy or icy out!! I always park close then. LOL!



  22. Such a good point! There really are no shortcuts, and to make a real change in life, including your body, you need to put in some hard, consistent work. I’m with you on this!
    Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian recently posted…Saturday Catch UpMy Profile


      Thanks, Lisa! I’m all for the hard work 🙂

  23. Yeah, the whole sitting in the drive thru for 10 minutes vs. going inside and being out in 5 drives me insane! What a waste of gas!
    Cori recently posted…Blank Page PossibilitiesMy Profile


      Right?!! Drives me crazy!


      Thanks, Susannah! It might have been a little harsh.. but I don’t really care!

  24. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I get so frustrated when people think there is an easy out to solving their problems without changing what got them into that problem in the first place!!!!!
    heather recently posted…How to Stay Safe from the Internet of ThingsMy Profile


      Me too, Heather!! It drives me insane! Ya gotta work for whatever you want!


      Yep! I had just had enough of it!

  25. Bahahaha this is amazing! I LOVE when I get emails like this. I’m like if you have been reading my blog and posts then you should know that I 100% don’t get down with products like yours. Too funny! Glad you said something. I always just delete them 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    Amber @ Awakened Nutrition recently posted…How To Weekly Meal Prep The Easy WayMy Profile


      Glad you got a laugh out of it, Amber 🙂 That’s the worst part about it.. they pretend like they geniuniely like your work. If you had spent more than 10 seconds on my blog or social media you’d know that I’m not interested in wrapping myself in saran wrap or drinking a laxative filled tea. Thanks but no thanks!

  26. I so don’t understand the wrap craze. Why would you even think that wrapping yourself up like that would be a good way to lose weight? And the fact that they get people to try and push it on all their friends is even more annoying. Good for you!
    Becky @ Disney in your Day recently posted…Disney Store’s Black Friday salesMy Profile


      Right?! It just seems so silly to me.. but some people actually fall for it!


      Totally with ya on that one, Krystal.

  27. It is nauseating how many people will sit in a drive thru line. I always park and get out even if there isn’t a line. I also prefer to park farther away from a stores entrance because I feel like my car has a lower chance of getting hit and also it is an excuse to get a few more steps in for my day!
    Sarah recently posted…Coffee&Glitter Fashion Police: AMAsMy Profile


      Agreed, Sarah! I always park far away 🙂

  28. Preach gurl! They always say, nothing worth having comes easy. Couldn’t be truer. The harder you work for it the more you value it. Plain and simple. It’s so easy to look for shortcuts (heck I’m guilty) but when you do the hard work and put in the time it feels so damn good!


      That is the truest statement. There’s nothing better than feeling accomplished and knowing you earned it!


      Thanks, Chrissa – I try my best 🙂 LOL!

  29. Hell yes!!! You go girl! I get these sorts of emails all the time too. I’m like, hello!, have you even read ONE of my blog posts?? haha Ugh! So glad I’m not the only one totally fed up with all the “short cuts” that don’t promote long-term health what so ever!
    Emily recently posted…Breakfast for Dinner – The Best Veggie Omelette RecipeMy Profile


      Thanks girl! That’s the worst part about it.. like clearly ya haven’t ready ANYTHING I posted cause you’d know I’m not into this stuff!

  30. YES! I can’t stand the quick fix mentality – is there no value for hard work and discipline anymore? It gets me so much when companies email about a product that I am opposed to such as a quick fix diet pill or whatever – it show that they expect get-rich-quick success and clearly did not take the time to actually read my blog and see what I support and practice.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…What are Junk Miles and How Do You Know If You’re Running Them?My Profile


      Exactly, Laura!! It makes me soooo mad!

    GiGi Eats recently posted…T-Rex Take Out, A Thanksgiving AppetizerMy Profile


      Right?!! I’m sure you get even more emails that you have to turn down because of your allergies!!

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