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30+ Healthy Soup Recipes

30+ Healthy Soup Recipes that everyone will enjoy. These homemade soup and homemade chili recipes are delicious and easy to make.

There’s no better way to warm up than a delicious bowl of cozy, healthy soup! These homemade soup recipes are perfect for a quick dinner, or meal prepping. From lentil soup to chicken noodle soup -you’ll find all the classic healthy soups and some fun twists on old favorites!

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Add more veggies! You can always sneak in more veggies to soups. I like to use my food processor to get the veggies in super small pieces, or add a couple cups of chopped greens at the end of cooking soup.

Use bone broth: Bone broth is an awesome way to amp up the protein and nutrients in your soup recipes

Always include celery, onions and carrots – These are the base of all great soup! They add flavor and are so yummy.

Use a parmesan cheese rind – This is such a simple thing you can do to amplify the flavor of your soup. I grab them at the grocery store. Simply remove them once you’re done cooking and you’re good to go!

Add pasta, zoodles and greens at the end. I rarely cook pasta/zoodles in soup. You’re better off to cook separately and then add to your bowl when you’re serving!

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