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Gym Bag Essentials to Keep You Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

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The 4 word phrase we all dread: Cold & Flu Season. *Sigh* It’s upon us friends. Once November hits.. you hear it and see it everywhere. Turn on the radio in your car.. look at a billboard.. shopping in the store…talking to a friend. Everyone gets in a tizzy the second the air turns colder, and they hear the first bit of a sniffle.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t worry about getting sick. No one wants to feel yucky, or deal with long waits at doctors offices. Being sick sucks. Simple as that. Thankfully you can be prepared to deal with whatever curve ball mother nature decides to throw at you.

Let’s face it… even if you do follow my 3 Tips for Staying Healthy during Cold & Flu Season there’s a good chance that some how, some way, you’re still going to catch something. So why not be stocked and ready for whatever may happen?
Gym Bag Essentials to Keep you Healthy during Cold & Flu Season

Some people like to stock their medicine cabinets, others (like me!) like to stock their gym bags 🙂 I always have my gym bag in my car, even if I’m not going to the gym that day. It is loaded with all of my makeup, shower stuff, snacks, accessories, and a first aid kit. This year – I decided to take it to the next level, and stock it with other healthy essentials from Walgreens.

Gym Bag Essentials to KEep You Healthy

I’m lucky that there is not only 1.. but 2 Walgreens within a 5 minute radius from my house. I’m there so often the people actually know me by name.. whether it’s a pack of gum, a healthy snack, or other everyday essentials, I know I can always count on them for #HealthySavings .

Tyler was sick last week, so I figured it was time to take a trip to Walgreens and stock up on all the cold and flu season essentials we might need.

EmergenCWalgreensThe first thing I grabbed was Emergen-C. I was determined NOT to get Tyler’s cold… and what better way to do so then loading up on Vitamin C? Whenever I start to feel sick, or know I am going to be around sick people – I always take Vitamin C supplements. Sometimes it can be difficult to carry around vitamins so I love throwing the little Emergen-C packets in my purse and gym bag to have them on hand… I’ll even pass them along to any sneezing/coughing/sniffling friend or workout buddy who may be in need.




RobitussinNext on the list was cough syrup. Tyler had been coughing day and night, so I knew we were in need of some good cough syrup. There were a lot of different choices, but we went with Robitussin. It’s a brand we’ve used for years, and we always trust that it will help when we are sick. Robitussin had a new Extended Release 12 Hour Cough Relief syrup, so we decided to give it a try. It worked great! I’m putting this in my gym bag because I tend to get nasty dry coughs during the winter when I’m sick. I’m a firm believer in taking time off from the gym to let your body recover – but often times I feel 100% better, but I still have a cough that lingers. Coughing in between every exercise makes it hard to get a good workout in, so this will definitely be helpful in those times of need!


Advil EditedLast on the list… Advil! Our go-to whenever we have sore muscles, aches or pains! We always try to keep good form with our exercises – but we’re human. Sometimes we pull a muscle, or bump into machines or drop weights on our feet (Which I may or may not have done last week…ouch.) Advil is great for any type of pain relief. We also take it whenever we have fevers or sore throats.


In addition to the Advil, I also grabbed a few Chapstick’s . When you’re breathing heavily during tough workouts, it is easy to get very dry/chapped lips. I keep one in my gym bag, purse, at my desk.. etc. You can never have too many.


Throw them all together and….

Healthy Gym Bag Essentials

Ta-da! A perfectly stocked gym bag 🙂

What are your gym bag essentials that keep you healthy? Let me know in the comments below!

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      Oh noooo! So sorry to hear that 🙁 Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  1. Cold season is the worst.
    I always try to keep my house stocked with medicine especially around this time.

    xoxo, Jenny
    Jenny recently posted…Holiday Gift Guide Under 25My Profile


      Agreed, Jenny! There’s nothing fun about being sick 🙁


      Me too, Kristin!! It really helps. I’m physically read for it.. but I really don’t want it to be here!!


      That’s a great option too!


      Same here! We always have it handy!


      Agreed 🙂 So many uses!


      Same here! We usually go with Orange but I saw a Strawberry Kiwi flavor in the store that looked pretty tasty too!


      Sounds like a good plan, Stephanie! I always try to amp of my fruit + veggie intake as well 🙂


      Us too! I keep them on hand at all times!


      Totally agree!! I swear by it 🙂


      Totally feel ya on that one! It has so many uses. Headphone-less workouts are the WORST!


      I’ve only tried the Orange but that sounds super yummy!! Going to have to give it a try!


      Totally! Stock up now while you can.. you definitely don’t want to be sick!


      Oh yes… The gym is looooaded with germs!!

  2. Great post!! I love emergen-c and always stuff my gym bag with it!!


      Me too, Toni!! It’s so important to have!

  3. My girls both had the flu two weeks ago and against all odds, I managed to avoid getting it. I attribute it to taking my Emergen-C and lots of hand washing. It sounds like it’s a great time to stock up again and get me through the rest of winter! #client
    Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom recently posted…Chamomile Raspberry Smoothie RecipeMy Profile


      Woah! You are super-mom!! Emergen-C does definitely help 😉 Definitely head to Walgreens and stock up!


      Same here, Nicole!!


      I hate it too 🙁 I already can’t wait for it to be over!


      Same here!

  4. Now that’s being totally prepared for the cold season ahead!

    I actually carry a small pack of Emergen-C which I add to a bottle of water or any juice.

    I also have a travel bottle of Advil which comes in pretty handy!

    It’s definitely time to get some more 🙂
    Karla recently posted…Spotlight On: Swissôtel Berlin, GermanyMy Profile


      I do too, Karla! I keep them in my purse and my gym bag… you never know when you’re going to need them!


      Oh no!! I hope everyone is feeling better. I always buy a big package of chapstick because I find that I’m always losing them.


      Thanks, Michele!

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