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Dairy Free Dessert Recipes

A collection of the best Dairy Free Dessert Recipes. From cookies to bars, you'll find dairy free dessert treats that everyone can enjoy (healthy too!)

If you need to eat dairy free, it doesn’t mean you have to say no to dessert!

These dairy free dessert recipes are perfect for indulging with if you have a sweet tooth. From cookies to pie, bars and more - you can still enjoy delicious dairy free desserts without butter, cream or milk!

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Best Dairy Free Dessert Substitutions:

It is easy to make dairy free substitutions. Here are some that we commonly make:

Milk: You can sub dairy milk with almond milk. Coconut milk also works as a substitute, and is often higher in fat so it’s good for replacing half and half or whole milk. Our favorite brand of non-dairy milk is Elmhurst because it has the least amount of ingredients:

Cheese: Most dairy free cheese aren’t as good as the real thing. We have found Miyokos brand of products the best substitute. 

Butter: Butter can be substituted with olive oil or avocado oil. Most dairy free butters are just made from fake ingredients, so we find it’s best to skip them. Some people who are dairy free can tolerate ghee because it is clarified butter.

Yogurt: There are many dairy free yogurt brands out there. Our favorite is Siggis. Check the ingredients because many dairy free yogurts have a lot of added sugars, which don’t make them the healthiest snack option.

Ice Cream: There are so many amazing dairy free ice creams out there! Nadamoo and Oatly have the most ‘regular’ ice cream taste in my opinion, but you can’t go wrong with Good Pops, Cado Ice cream, or So Delicious Ice cream either!


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