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How to Pack for a Healthy Vacation

In less that 3 days we will be off to explore Italy! We are heading out on a 14 day trip that goes all over the country. We’ll be drinking wine in Tuscany, cruising to Capri, enjoying gelato in Rome, and so much more… I can hardly wait!

Since we are going to be going away for so long… We have a lot to pack! I’ve never traveled out of the country, and certainly never vacationed for more than a week. I’ve been a little nervous about how I’m going to stay healthy and enjoy my trip, but over the past few weeks I’ve put together a travel essentials bag that I think is going to help keep me healthy when I’m away from home . Check out what healthy (and just fun) travel essentials I’m taking with me.

How to Pack for a Healthy Vacation - The Clean Eating Couple

To start.. you can’t travel anywhere without a good bag! I found the perfect Tommy Hilfiger tote bag to take with us last week at the store.  I can’t find a link to the bag online, but it was only $30 at TJ Maxx! I needed a bag for Italy that zips all the way closed so that I can make sure all my belongings are safe. It kind of looks like a longchamp bag.. but it was about a 1/10 of the price!

Now what’s going in the bag?

Canon Rebel t5I finally bought a Canon Rebel T5 after about a year of putting it off. I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks, but I knew I wanted it to be able to take great pictures on this trip 🙂 (and for blog photos too, of course!) I’ll obviously have some drool worthy Italian food photos to share when I get back, because you know we will be eating ALL the pasta and pizza that we possibly can


Portable Phone Charger


I also bought us each these portable phone chargers.. I don’t plan on being on my phone too much, but these are good to have in case of an emergency. I tested them out last week when we went to the Yankee game and one charger was able to charge both of our phone to 100% from being dead.. pretty awesome!
Try About Time Trial PacksI can’t go anywhere without snacks. Although I know there will be no shortage of food in Italy- I’m going to bring some of my own snacks. We have some really jam packed days, filled with tours and long bus rides, so I’m coming prepared.. I’ve got Pumpkin Spice RxBars, Simple Squares, and Enlightened Crisps ready to go. I also am going to bring some AboutTime Protein with me. I bought a few of the Vegan & Whey Trial Packets, which are perfect for traveling! It comes out to about $2.25 per packet when you use our coupon code ‘CLEANEATING’ for 25% off. These are great to have for when you’re suck in an airport… way better than any other type of snack you’ll find.

Vitamin C


One of the most important thing I’m definitely bringing is a bottle of Vitamin C.. we will be spending a lot of time on buses/airplanes, and in group tours.. I am NOT getting sick. I plan on taking Vitamin C a few days before we travel, and then boosting it while we’re away.. better safe then sorry!

Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer


As I mentioned before.. Germs are everywhere.. especially in airports and tourist attractions. I threw a few of these Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizers in my carry on. They’re small enough to meet TSA requirements which is great. I keep these everywhere.. in my purse, desk, car, gym bag.. They’re really great to have.

Resistance Band Set


I’m also bringing my resistance band set with me.. but I’m not going to go crazy with working out. I’m hoping to workout 7 out of the 14 days that we will be traveling – doing some of these Vacation Workouts that I posted about a few weeks ago. If it happens.. it happens.. if not.. oh well. I’m planning on eating what I want, relaxing, and not worrying about everything I eat. “Gee.. I sure wish I passed up that dish of pasta and gelato in Rome to get in a full body resistance band circuit”- said no one ever. #BringOnTheFood


I’m also going to drink a TON of water and walk as much as I can. Flying makes me a little bit anxious, so before I hop on the plane I try to walk a couple miles in the airport… I just make laps around the different areas.. It tires me out, and gets my blood flowing.. which is a win-win 🙂


What are your travel essentials? Am I missing something? Let me know in the comments.. I still have time to pack! 🙂


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  1. Woohoo for Italy! These are some great packing tips, especially for staying clean and healthy when you’ll be surrounded by so many germs on that long flight!
    Addie recently posted…Vintage Recipes: Old Dominion Pound CakeMy Profile


      Thanks Addie! Definitely gotta keep away the germs… I am NOT getting sick! LOL!

  2. I love this. Many people do not exercise while on vacation, to me it comes as a form of therapy so I definitely make sure to at least pack my running shoes. We just went to Mexico for our 10 year anniversary and the resorts we stayed in had such a good gym it would have been a waste not to use 🙂
    Maya recently posted…3 Reason Diets Do Not Work And What DoesMy Profile


      That’s so awesome Maya! Mexico is on my travel bucket list 🙂 Unfortunately none of our hotels have gyms, but if they did.. I would definitely be using them. Working out is like therapy for me too, so I can’t imagine going without it while on vacation!

  3. What a great list! Last time we went abroad, we took snacks, and I’m so glad. There were times we didn’t want to go out for food, or woke up late and missed breakfast (it was an all-inclusive resort), so having snacks was great! Always on the hand sanitizer! And I’m a Canon girl too – love taking pics with my camera, especially since I usually just take them on the go with my phone.
    Jenn recently posted…8 blog marketing techniques learned from starbucksMy Profile


      Thanks, Jenn! I rarely go anywhere without the snacks, and I figured they would definitely be good to have for the times that you mentioned. I’m super excited to test out my Canon.. I just got it so this will be my first time traveling with it.. definitely an upgrade from the iPhone camera 🙂

  4. Love these travel tips! Ooooo I love the About Time single serving sample packs and I definitely stock up on those antibacterial hand sanitizers! Travel germs…yuck! So excited for you and your upcoming trip!!!
    Natalie @ A Fit Philosophy recently posted…Peanut Butter Quinoa Protein PancakesMy Profile


      Thanks, Natalie!! Gotta keep the AT and hand sanitizer on hand.. Can’t wait to share all our Italy experiences with you!

  5. So exciting! You’re going to have such an amazing trip! It sounds like you’re really well prepared. That is a great idea about walking around the airport a lot before getting on the plane. I’m always anxious before I fly, so I’m going to have to try that out next time too.
    Shann Eva recently posted…All about HalloweenMy Profile


      How awesome, Natalie!! I’d love to visit Germany. Definitely grab some of those antibacterial bottles! They’re so great 🙂


      Thank you so much, Dani! I’m looking forward to eating everything I can – LOL! 🙂


      Thanks, Kara! We <3 AboutTime too 🙂

  6. Oh that sounds wonderful! I have that same phone charger it works great! Cant wait to hear about your trip! Youre going to love ITaly!
    AutumnPTW recently posted…Orange Colada Goodness SmoothieMy Profile


      Isn’t it one of the best inventions ever?? Don’t know why I didn’t order one sooner! Can’t wait to share everything about our trip with you 🙂


      Thanks, Cassie! It’s definitely cheaper (and healthier) to bring your own snacks!

  7. Wow what a fun trip! Such great ideas too. I always crave healthy food when I am on the go, so I am going to have to remember these over the next few weeks as I am in and out of town.

    ​​xx katie // A Touch of Teal


      Thanks, Katie! We are super excited 🙂

  8. Love these suggestions! Especially the resistance band. Got one last year and it’s awesome when I visit home and can’t go to the gym. I also like to pack a few snacks for the plane ride itself because a lot of airplane food has dairy in it which is a no for me. And even when I can eat the food, there’s never enough, so snacks are always a must haha
    GiselleR @ Diary of an ExSloth recently posted…5 Ways to Stay Active as it gets ColderMy Profile


      Yes!! Totally agree.. One can never have too many snacks 🙂


      Thanks for sharing that Christina!! Going to read it later 🙂 I can’t wait to go there.. so excited!

  9. Wow, congrats on getting a DSLR! I got a Nikon for my birthday in August, and it has made such a HUGE difference in my photos. I need to learn all the photography things!!
    Hope you have a wonderful trip – I’d love to go to Italy one day!
    Jess @hellotofit recently posted…Easy slow cooker apple butterMy Profile


      Thanks, Jess! It was a graduation gift to myself! I’m still learning how to work everything on it.. but I’ll get there.

  10. Hi Liz! Great list of essentials. I always travel with my resistance bands as well. I’ve got my eye on that camera! Good for you for making the purchase. Oh and I studied abroad in Florence in college and have always wanted to go back! Post a TON of pictures, please! 🙂
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted…Friday Favorites: Food, fashion and moreMy Profile


      Hi Ashley! Thanks 🙂 I love this little travel resistance band set… it’s so awesome for traveling. We are LOVING Italy and will be sure to post pictures when we get back 🙂


      It definitely does!


      Thank you so much, Kristine! It has been an awesome trip so far and I have definitely put the camera to use 🙂

  11. Vitamin C is a great idea! I always take B vitamins too because you can get tired and worn from traveling around so much. I also take a small pack of stomach meds since I have a very sensitive stomach. I like the portable phone charger idea and may add it to my Xmas list for future travels!
    Brooke of Passport Couture recently posted…How To Bring Fair Trade Into Everyday LifeMy Profile


      Oooh I totally have to try that next time I travel! I didn’t even know that B Vitamins helped with that!!


      Thanks, Carly! Believe me.. I’ve already eaten a slice..or two.. or an entire pizza’s worth for almost everyone I know 😉 The food is delish!



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